ABBA Moisture Conditioner 946ml
ABBA Moisture Conditioner 946ml Pack - AtsiHairSupplies

ABBA Moisture Conditioner 946ml

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This moisture conditioner comes with peppermint and olive butter oil. It contains adequate aqua, which helps to hydrate your hair. The moisture conditioner also repairs and strengthens damaged hair.

The moisture conditioner for damaged hair delivers instant moisture to dry hair. It contains Rapeseed oil which helps to strengthen your hair. This oil helps in delivering softness and removing static frizz. Besides, this natural conditioner comes with a ProQuinoa complex for fast repair of damage.

The conditioner has barley and soy proteins for a quick restoration of damaged hair. It also conditions the hair to avoid brittleness and breakages.

It contains no paraben or glutens. It also doesn’t have sulphate and sodium chloride. It contains citric acid for better hair health. It helps the hair to be firm even up to roots. It goes for all hair types. It takes away static freeze


  • Stimulating peppermint oil
  • Rapeseed oil content
  • It contains ethanol and citric acid
  • Oliver butter oil
  • Gluten and paraben-free
  • Proquinoa complex helps to mend spoilt hair
  • Barley and soy proteins rebuild hair fibre
  • Conditioner stimulates the hair for better growth

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