ABBA Volume Shampoo Conditioner 946ml Duo
ABBA Volume Shampoo Conditioner 946ml Pack - AtsiHairSupplies

ABBA Volume Shampoo Conditioner 946ml Duo

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Add the effective ABBA volume conditioner into your daily hair care routine to ensure your hair remains in perfect condition. The volumising conditioners re-energises and revitalises hair, increasing its volume. It has no harmful chemicals like paraben.

With the ABBA Volume Conditioner all-natural and botanical ingredients, your hair gets to experience long-lasting hydration. This ABBA product helps to increase your volume and repair limp hair. If your hair lacks shine, this conditioner helps by increasing the gloss and glow of any hair.

The Barley ingredient in this cream works great to moisturise the hair. No more hair tangles, the rapeseed present in its formulation helps to detangle the hair.

Key Features

  • Lemongrass: increase the volume of your hair.
  • Grape Fruit: helps by conditioning your hair without leaving build-ups
  • Rapeseed: it acts as a form of hair thickener; it detangles and conditions your hair
  • Caster Beans: quickly moisturises your hair while increasing its shine
  • Panthenol: This ingredient adds Vitamin B for increased hair volume and shine
  • Barley: it infuses your hair with long-lasting moisture
  • Quinoa: this ingredient has all the needed essential amino for an improved hair

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