Eco Tan 12 Piece Vegan Brush Collection
Eco Tan 12 Piece Vegan Brush Collection

Eco Tan 12 Piece Vegan Brush Collection

Eco Tan

Eco By Sonya Driver LUXURY 12 PIECE VEGAN BRUSH COLLECTION in a velvet roll perfect for travel.

Great for our tanning products for those that like a perfection finish. Also amazing to apply our Face Compost Purple Power Mask.

Achieve professional and flawless high definition perfection with the new Eco By Sonya Driver Superior Vegan Brush Collection.

The only brush set you will ever need! Let’s face it, you can never have too many brushes so we made a whole set!

  • 12 perfectly designed brushes
  • All brushes are vegan & cruelty free
  • Superior soft vegan ombre bristles
  • Black velvet embroidered pouch to keep your brushes protected
  • Sustainability sourced bamboo handles.

Our brushes are designed to be multi-purpose. We don’t like telling you what to do, however here’s our suggestions; Our superior brush kit contains:

  1. EYE LINER | for defined lash line
  2. LIP | for a perfect pout
  3. DOUBLE SIDED EYEBROW | for perfect brows
  4. CONCEALER | for concealing perfectly and covering blemishes
  5. EYESHADOW CONTOUR | for contour perfection
  6. EYESHADOW APPLICATION | for applying to both arch and eyelid
  7. EYESHADOW BLENDING | for all over eyelid
  8. FOUNDATION | for flawless application
  9. MASK | for the perfect tanning application or to use with our Face Compost Purple Power Mask.
  10. BUFFING & BLENDING | Great for shading
  11. CONTOUR | for shading or for the perfect tanning application for hands & face.
  12. POWDER | the perfect brush for all powders 

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