Juuce Blush BLONDE Shampoo 300ml
Juuce Blush BLONDE Shampoo 300ml

Juuce Blush BLONDE Shampoo 300ml


Look no further than Juuce Blush Blonde Shampoo! Our specially-formulated cream moisturising shampoo not only deposits pink/blush tones to light blonde hair but also is infused with natural Australian botanicals.

Plus, our bottles are made using 100% recycled plastic from Australia, so you can feel good about supporting local businesses while taking care of the environment.


- Achieve a subtle pink blush in your light blonde hair with Juuce Blush Blonde Shampoo!
- Keep your hair looking natural, healthy and vibrant with the deep moisturisation from Australian native botanicals.
- Show your commitment to supporting sustainable economy with Juuce Blush Blonde Shampoo by using 100% Australian land waste plastic for its bottles.
- Feel confident knowing you are using an Aussie-made and owned product that is great for both people and planet.

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