Speedy Supalite Ionic Ceramic Professional Hairdryer Green/Tiffany Blue
Speedy Supalite Ionic Ceramic Professional Hairdryer Green/Tiffany Blue - AtsiHairSupplies

Speedy Supalite Ionic Ceramic Professional Hairdryer Green/Tiffany Blue


Speedy Supalite Hairdryer with eye catching Tiffany Blue comes with a set of fantastic features that makes hair drying easy and fast. This ionic hair dryer offers a silky touch to your hair to make it smoother and shinier. it produces instant cold air for setting styled hair to make it last longer. The tool helps to retain the perfect texture and hold on to hair during styling.

The easy-clean dryer is one of the best hair appliances products from a speedy brand, delivering optimal function. It comes with an ergonomically balanced handle with an amazing grip and comfortable control. The non-slip rubber insert helps to attain the best positioning when blow-drying hair with Speedy Supalite Hairdryer.

Speedy professional hairdryer spots two nozzles that serve different purposes. The narrow nozzle helps to deliver high-pressure air for heavily moist hair, while the wide nozzle gives the gentle final touch. The power cord length is three meters which makes the tool usable from any angle. This cord length provides room for easy movement during the hair drying process.

Achieve the best frizz-free hair using the wonderful features of this hairdryer by speedy. The 2200 watt AC motor is among the most effective wattage for hairdryers.

Key Features

  • Hairdryer by speedy is easy to clean due to removable metal filter behind
  • Three-meter cord helps flexibility in use and directional ease
  • Comes in elegant tiffany Blue colour
  • Ergonomic, balanced handle helps to make grip firm and comfortable control
  • Dryer is lightweight and portable to move around, which makes it a good travel companion
  • It has four temperature control and a dual speed setting
  • Features the effective ionic and fanciful ceramic technology

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